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We truly hope that you find the information we provide helpful in your journey to becoming a golf superstar.  The information you will find within the pages of this website are primarily the experiences that myself and my family have had while we learned the game. Golf can be a challenging and exciting sport.  I have enjoyed every minute of teaching my sons to play the game and hope that one day my wife will want to join us.  It my sincerest wish that you to find the same level of satisfaction from playing golf.

Beginning Golf Tips is an Affiliate Marketing website.  Our mission is to provide you with information you can use to learn to play the game of golf.  We also present to you certain products that we recommend as you learn.  When you click on a link on our website and purchase a product from one of our recommended affiliates, we may receive a small commission on the sale of that product.

As the creators of this website, we also may accept fees for advertising on our website and may receive other forms of compensation for sponsoring goods or services.  The purpose of this page is to provide you with full transparency of our intentions.  We use and research many of the products and services that we recommend.  It is our intention to introduce you to only the best products we can find.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the content of our website.

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