Create A Good Rhythm In Your Golf Swing

Rhythm and tempo can be considered together, because in golf they mean very nearly the same thing. The rhythm in the swing of a good player is noticed because of the measured cadence in the upward and downward movement of the club. In his swing there appears to be and there is a definite relationship … Read moreCreate A Good Rhythm In Your Golf Swing

Golfing Equipment You Need To Get Started

Are you interested in perfecting your swing? Do you know what a handicap means in golf? If your answer to both these questions is an emphatic yes, it is time you got yourself some good quality golf equipment. Every golf enthusiast wants to shop for the best golf equipment he or she can buy. After … Read moreGolfing Equipment You Need To Get Started

Golf Wing – Improve Spine Angle

A common golf swing fault is a change in your spine angle during critical phases of the golf swing. This single movement causes a chain reaction of compensations that alter the mechanics of your golf swing immensely. The result is usually inconsistency and a string of poor golf shots. Changing your spine angle during the … Read moreGolf Wing – Improve Spine Angle