Best Golf Clubs for Beginners – 2020

Whether you are a beginner or someone who has played the game for a few years, you will quickly start to think about the quality of your golf clubs. Every golfer I have ever known wonders if different clubs would improve his or her game. And I can tell you that in most (if not all) cases, it’s the golfer and not the golf clubs.

What should your first set include?

No secret here. There are a few clubs that are absolute musts when you start playing the game. So let’s start by explaining what a full set of golf clubs looks like. A full set will typically include the following:

  • Three woods: Driver, 3 wood and 5 wood
  • Seven Irons: 3 iron through 9 iron
  • One or Two Wedges: Most sets will include the Pitching Wedge, Some may include the Sand Wedge
  • One Putter

RECENT TREND: Most sets today have replaced the 3, 4 and occasionally the 5 irons with Hybrids.

The 21st century has seen the development of this new style of golf club called the hybrid.  In general, the hybrid is a mixture of a wood and an iron.  Although I personally do not use hybrids, it appears to be the wave of the future, so as a beginner you may want to get accustomed to them.

With that said a newly purchased set of golf clubs will likely look like this:

  • Two woods: Driver and 3 wood
  • Two or Three Hybrids: 3, 4 and occasionally 5 hybrid
  • Four Irons: 6 iron through 9 iron
  • One or Two Wedges: Most sets will include the Pitching Wedge, Some may include the Sand Wedge
  • One Putter

When purchasing used clubs you will more often see the wood/iron version of a set of golf clubs, so be prepared for that.  And as mentioned the new clubs sold today will very, very often include one of more hybrid style club.

Youth Golf Clubs vs Adult Golf Clubs

If you are introducing your child or young teenager to the game of golf, you may need to choose between a youth set and an adult set.  A youth set of golf clubs is recommended for children under 45″ in height.  And youth sets can vary regarding the clubs that are included.  We will discuss selecting a youth set of golf clubs in greater detail in the following post:

Selecting a Youth Set of Golf Clubs

Youth Sets will include anywhere from 3 to 6 clubs. the will likely include the following clubs:

  • One Wood: Most likely the Driver
  • Possibly a Hybrid: Replacing the 3 or 5 wood
  • One or Two Irons: 7 iron and perhaps the 9 iron
  • Occasionally a Sand Wedge
  • And a putter

The major difference in a youth set of clubs is the length.  This, of course, will be critical depending on the height of your adolescent.  Carefully read the height recommendations for the set of clubs you are purchasing and you will be fine.  Shorter clubs are easier to control for young golfers, so I do not recommend purchasing an adult set, thinking that your youth will “grow” into the clubs.  It just doesn’t work that way and you will be doing your child a disservice by making the game more difficult.  If anything, I would recommend taking care of the clubs and selling them when you upgrade to recoup some of the original costs.

As mentioned above, we go into greater detail regarding Selecting a Youth Set in a later post, so feel free to jump ahead and read more about it.

 Steel or graphite shafts for a Beginner?

The answer is straight forward for this question; If you have the option steel shafts are the best option for beginner golfers. First and foremost, steel shafts are less expensive than graphite shafts, so save your money for more important accessories, like a nice hat and two solid rounds of golf. Personally I would recommend steel across the board, but it is not at all uncommon to see steel shafted irons with a graphite shafted driver or perhaps all three woods.

Graphite shafts are more flexible than steel shafts, this makes the need for a well-timed swing more important.  In addition, newer golfers will struggle with swing tempo early on and swinging hard with a graphite shaft is a recipe for disaster.





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