Golf Swing Tempo

How to Improve your golf swing tempo and rhythm

To really appreciate a smooth and fluid swing, take a look at some professional golf players.  Take the time to watch a professional golf tournament and pay particular attention to your favorite golfers swing. Notice the “unrushed” way that he or she completes the backswing, downswing, and follow-through.  And although professional golfer will swing with a certain amount of force, it is important to remember that they practice or play on a daily basis.  Their swing has become so natural to them that they can apply additional speed and not have it affect the outcome.

Keep in mind that achieving the perfect swing tempo and rhythm is not something that a beginner can achieve in a day; it takes practice, lots and lots of it. As a golfer, one of the things you may find frustrating is your inability to stay consistent with your swing tempo and rhythm. It goes without saying that improving your golf swing tempo and having an active rhythm is one of the many ingredients you need to become a champion in your own lane. In this short but detailed piece, we will be sharing with you some golf swing tips and how you can stay consistent with your golf swing rhythm.

Why is Tempo Important for a Golf Swing?

Great question. And this awesome question has a very simple answer; When you “over-swing” you lose your place within the golf swing.  Now, this can be a bit challenging to fully understand, so I will give you a few examples.  Number one, if you have an aggressive backswing, the amount of time and effort it takes to change direction and start your forward swing is excessive. So your forward swing is delayed and your body gets ahead of the swing. When this happens, it is almost impossible to get the clubhead to catch up to the body and be at the proper placement at the address.

In the video below, Paul Wilson of the Paul Wilson Golf Academy in Las Vegas and an instructor with shows us exactly how improper swing tempo can affect our game.   Paul points out, in the video, that the body should dictate the speed of the swing and that allowing the arms to move independently of the body is a sure-fire way toward improper swing tempo.  Have a look at Paul’s video and gain some insight on proper golf swing rhythm and speed.

If you want to improve your golf swing tempo as well as rhythm, you need to acquire enough instruction and videos like Pauls are a great start. Learning what a perfect golf swing looks like will help you develop your game totally. As we mentioned at the top of this article, keeping Paul’s instruction in mind and watching a professional golfer play can give you a firm sense of what a good swing should look like.

Important Thing to Remember

Here is an important thing to remember about a golf swing, when you first stand in front of the golf ball and prepare to swing, that position is called the “address”.  The image to the right shows a golfer in the address position.  Anyway, when you complete your backswing and then perform your forward swing, just before your club strikes the ball, you will be right back in this position.  And you will want your body, head, shoulders, and golf club to all be in this position or very close to it.

The best way to ensure that you are in the proper position at the precise moment that your club hits the ball is to have a proper swing tempo, proper swing rhythm, and swing speed. So let’s move on and learn how to make that happen.

Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!

Practice your golf swing - Beginning Golf TipsYou can never overemphasize the need for practice. I was just having a conversation with a colleague who happens to be a scratch golfer and he mentioned to me that the difference between a golfer who shots 100 and one who shots 90 is practice.  When you consistently practice, your game will definitely improve. This applies to every level of golfer, if you wish to be good at anything, you need to practice. After all, they say practice makes perfect – this is not simply a cliché. How well you improve is determined by the number of hours you invest in your golf swing.

I should mention that it is important to stay disciplined during practice.  When you have the opportunity to visit the golf course or the driving range you should always make the most of that opportunity. Remember that the mind and your muscles will subconsciously learn by performing repeat movements that are pattern-based. When you practice golf swing drills regularly, you are consciously and subconsciously programming your brain to get better at swinging a golf club.

Get a golf fitness program.

Part of developing a consistent and smooth golf swing with proper tempo and speed is to stay golf fit. Golf is not only a mental game; it is also a physical game. This is why golf fitness is an important part of learning to swing properly. Your arms are involved with this process, but your arms are not where the strength of your swing comes from. When it comes to swinging a golf club the power comes from your torso or core muscles.

Also, when your mind and body are fatigued, it will greatly affect your swing. Many beginning golfers will become fatigued toward the end of an 18 hole round of golf, especially if you are swinging 120 times during a round. That is why you must stay fit physically and mentally if you want to get a good swing tempo. A quality fitness program will enhance your strength, power, flexibility balance, as well as your endurance level. To eliminate additional strokes and mis-hits, you should always use warm-up exercises that are specially designed for playing golf.

Once you’ve got an in-depth knowledge of all the golf swing basics, you will be a step closer to enhancing your golf swing tempo and rhythm. Finally, having great golf swing tempo and rhythm will go a long way in addressing the errors you encounter during your golf swings. There you have it, the golf swing tips you need.

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