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Beginning golf TipsGolf has certainly gained popularity over the past decade and many people who have never played have decided to take up the sport.  But where do you start if you are new to the game?

The answer: Right Here. Learn about the game of golf with Beginning Golf Tips.com.  BGT will provide you with the essentials for getting started and show you the most affordable way to equip yourself for the links.

What will I Need to Play Golf?

The early stages of your golf career should be broken into two major categories “learning the game” and “playing the game”.

To learn the game, you may not need anything at all. Driving ranges will typically have a few clubs that you can use to practice with; that and a bucket of balls (also provided by the driving range) is all you would really need to get started. However, you will eventually want to practice and play with your own clubs, so a new or used set of golf clubs will likely be your first purchase.

As you might expect, golf clubs can range anywhere from $100 to $1,000 and more, so as a beginner, you may want to be a bit frugal until you decide that the game is truly for you. With that said, I would suggest looking for a nice set of used clubs or purchasing a starter set. We discuss what to look for in your first set of golf clubs in the following post:

What to Look for in Your First Set of Golf Clubs

In the article, you will learn the factors that are important when selecting your first set of clubs.  We will not discuss them in great detail here, but we will show some bullet points regarding the finer details of selecting a starter set:

First, Determine your level and Golfing Objectives – Are you brand new to the game?  Are you planning to golf a few times a year or a few times a week?  These and similar questions are important when selecting clubs.  A starter set will be perfect for most beginning golfers, but may not stand up to a full-on assault toward learning the game.

Callaway XJ Junior Golf Set - Beginning Golf Tips
Calloway XJ Junior Golf Set

Do You Have Special Needs regarding Clubs – Are you exceptionally tall? Do you swing aggressively?  Golf clubs are like anything else, you will largely get what you pay for, so a $150 set of golf clubs will not last as long as a $1500 set of golf clubs.  Most starter sets will certainly get you through a season or two depending on how often you golf and how hard you are on your golf clubs.  While a $1000 set will likely last a lifetime when treated accordingly.  Determine your needs when selecting clubs.

Do you need Custom Golf Clubs? – As mentioned above, if you are shorter or taller than the average person at your age, you may need to find a customized club.  With that said, golf club manufacturers are starting to offer golf clubs in various sizes, particularly within the Youth Sets.

The Callaway XJ Junior Golf Set picture (Above, Left) is available in 4 sizes as described below.  Beginning Golf Tips.com wants you to get the most from your early golf experience, so make the right choice when buying your first set.  Here are those sizes:

  • Callaway XJ Level 1, size 1 – For Golfers 36 to 48 inches in height
  • Callaway XJ Level 2, size 2 – For Golfers 47 to 53 inches in height
  • Callaway XJ Level 3, size 3 – For Golfers 54 to 61 inches in height
  • Callaway XT Teen Golf Set – Teen Golfers over 61 inches in height

What Do You Need Beyond the Golf Clubs?

Once you have your golf clubs, you will only need a few more things to be fully equipped to play golf. Beginning Golf Tips.com recommends the following for beginners: shoes, a glove, balls and tees.

Best Beginner Golf Shoes

To have the best experience while learning the game, you should really consider equipping yourself properly. To do that you should purchase a quality pair of golf shoes. Now golf shoes do not need to be terribly expensive, but like anything else in this sport, you can easily spend a lot of money. A decent pair of golf shoes for a beginner might cost around $50.

The golf shoe pictures here is available on Amazon and is priced at about $50.  This Women’s golf shoe is perfect for a beginner and is made by Skechers.
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Comfort is the name of the game for golf shoes.  Of course, like many other shoes, golf shoes may require some “break-in” time.  Unfortunately, you will not have the opportunity to wear your shoes other than on the golf course, so it will benefit you to get shoes that are comfortable from the get.

Now you are nearly ready to make a great impression on the golf course. Your golf clubs are ready and you have a fantastic pair of shoes, all you need now are some golf balls, tees, and a glove. As we discuss each of these in more detail, it’s important to remember that each of these items is more or less disposable. Gloves will wear out, tees break often and you will lose golf balls a lot. So you may again want to consider purchasing these items as cheaply as possible.

Best Beginner Golf Balls

As a beginner, you may not want to leave the first tee without a dozen balls or more. Brand new golf balls can easily cost about $1 apiece and that can add up if you’re having a rough day. So the trick here is to keep the price per ball down as best you can. One way to do that is to purchase balls in bulk and buy them used or refurbished.  Of course, if you are independently wealthy, you can certainly spend $50- $60 per dozen (about $4.50 per ball) and have at it.

The sack of golf balls pictured to the right is Taylormade Recycled B/C Grade balls (72 count).  Priced at about $30 this method of purchasing balls works out to be about 42 cents per ball.  Much, much better than spend a buck every time you can’t find the little rascals.

Beginner Tip:  You are not the only person who will lose golf balls, so always be on the lookout for abandoned balls.  As you rummage through the tall grass or leaves, keep any balls that you might find, as long as they have clearly been there for a while. 

Do not take a ball that may be in play by another golfer.

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Beginner Tip: Golf balls have aerodynamic properties, the dimples on the ball effect drag and lift. Imperfections such as scratches and dirt on the ball will impact the flight of the ball. So it is best not to use a ball that has been damaged. You can keep them for practice balls, but I do not recommend them for a round.

Golf Gloves

Now Golf Gloves are pretty straight forward,  for a right-handed golfer the gloves is typically worn on the left hand and just the opposite for a left-handed golfer.  My only suggestion for purchasing a glove is that you make sure it is tight-fitting.  A loose glove can be problematic for a beginner golfer.  Golf gloves will generally come in small, medium and large for both youth and adult golfers.


That is 6 different sizes:

  • Youth – Small
  • Youth – Medium
  • Youth – Large
  • Adult – Small
  • Adult – Medium
  • Adult – Large

There are only a few options for gloves that may be of interest to you.  First, some gloves will come with a built-in button which can be used as a ball marker.  Additionally, some gloves will have a reinforced palm for better wear resistance.  Golf gloves will range from $10 to $20, and I would not spend more than that for a glove.  You can also purchase “winter” golf gloves, but as a beginner, I would assume we will stick to fair-weather golfing.

And now that you have your clubs, tees, balls, shoes and a glove, you are ready to hit the links.  Well equipped to “hit the links” anyway.  We will explore each of the equipment in our Golf Equipment post, so for now, let’s focus on learning the game.  And now that we are well equipped, perhaps we should learn some of the rules, basic wing technique, and some course etiquette.

Don’t Forget the Tees


One of the smallest, yet very important golf accessories you will need is a bag of golf tees.

There are several varieties and sizes of golf tees.  To ensure that you have the right size, consider the size of your driver, if you have an oversized driver then you will need to purchase longer tees.  If you have a standard-sized driver, which is rare these days then normal-sized tees will do.

You will be able to buy wooden tees, plastic tees, tees made fro recycled material, novelty tees, funny tees and more.  The only thing that BGT truly suggests for you is that you have them when you need them but in all honesty, we would stick with plain old wooden tees.

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