Learn to Play Golf – The Swing

Learn the Perfect Golf Swing Alright, maybe you won’t have a “perfect golf swing” following this article, but as a beginning golfer, I can assure you that you will understand what is involved with the golf swing and how you can improve your golf swing. During this article, we will discuss the various parts of … Read more Learn to Play Golf – The Swing

Learn About The Rules of Golf

Fully understanding the golf rules can get rather complicated.  We will discuss each rule in great detail within the pages of this website, but not on this page. For the purposes of this article, we will highlight some of the more important aspects of each rule and focus on the more important rules for beginning … Read more Learn About The Rules of Golf

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners – 2020

Whether you are a beginner or someone who has played the game for a few years, you will quickly start to think about the quality of your golf clubs. Every golfer I have ever known wonders if different clubs would improve his or her game. And I can tell you that in most (if not … Read more Best Golf Clubs for Beginners – 2020

Learn About Golf Stuff

Golf has certainly gained popularity over the past decade and many people who have never played have decided to take up the sport.  But where do you start if you are new to the game? The answer: Right Here. Learn about the game of golf with Beginning Golf Tips.com.  BGT will provide you with the essentials … Read more Learn About Golf Stuff

Your Guide to Golf Cart Ownership

Golf Cart ownership can be a lot of fun. Of course it can also be quite expensive, so depending on your needs, we will review some options for purchasing, upgrading and maintaining a powered golf carts. While we certainly understand that no one will be loading their personal golf cart onto a trailer and hauling … Read more Your Guide to Golf Cart Ownership