Golf Fundamentals Video

This video is brought to you by Todd Kolb, A PGA Teaching Professional and in this video Todd very thoroughly covers 5 excellent Golf Fundamental Tips.  Mr. Kolb runs a training program called the Todd Kolb Golf Academy and you can learn more about the program here: Todd Kolb Golf Academy.

As mentioned, Todd explains 5 key areas that every beginning golfer should focus on for improving their swing.  We will list the 5 key areas below and highlight some of Todd’s suggestions, but take a look at this recommended video from


Todd Kolb Golf Fundamental Tip #1:  The proper golf grip.

The first tip that Todd discusses is properly gripping the golf club as we have learned in past articles, the three main components to a golf swing are the grip, the stance and ball position.  The grip is where the swing begins and of course, the grip is where the golf club connects with the body.  In the video, Todd explains how the club should be held in each hand and how an improper grip can negatively impact your swing.

Todd Kolb Golf Fundamental Tip #2:  Proper stance weight distribution.

As the video continues, Todd discusses yet another critical component of the golf swing, the stance, and proper weight distribution.  I have always felt that this part of the “balance” and swing control was inherent with the pivot around the spine angle, but Todd explains proper weight distribution nicely in the second part of his video.

Todd Kolb Golf Fundamental Tip #3:  The set-up “unweighting”


Todd Kolb Golf Fundamental Tip #4:  Turing into the right hip.

Todd Kolb Golf Fundamental Tip #5:  Keeping the Left Arm straight and tight.