What Equipment do I Need to Play Golf?

Golf Equipment - Beginning Golf TipsBeginners will generally have a lot of questions, but before you worry about perfecting your swing or learning how to calculate a handicap in golf, you may want to focus on what equipment is needed to get started. In this article, we will show you the equipment that is absolutely necessary for learning the game of golf and give you some ideas on ways to save some money.  It’s no secret that golf can get expensive, so we don’t want anyone throwing in the towel because they can’t afford it.  Everyone can play the game, trust me.

The average golf enthusiast will always want to shop for the best golf equipment he or she can buy. After all, top quality golf equipment means that you will also have the best chance at an awesome score, and with lower scores, you will enjoy the game more.  But everyone has limits and very few of us have the means to go out and buy a $2,000 set of golf clubs to accommodate a new hobby.  So let’s take a look a what equipment


For each of the categories that we’ve listed below, we will offer a variety of options that may help you save money.  Golfing Equipment is widely available on auction and classified websites such as eBay and Craigslist.  As always, we caution you to be selective and careful when using alternative methods of purchasing for these sites.

Will I Need Golf Clubs?
The short answer here is YES.  However, we highly recommend that you check around with friends and relatives to see if there is a spare set of golf clubs lying around in a garage somewhere that you can borrow until you are sure this game is for you.  Below are a few of the many “STARTER GOLF SETS” available on Amazon.  These sets are a perfect way to inexpensively get a jump start to a wonderful golf career.

What should I Look for In a New Set of Golf Clubs
Brand new golf club sets, like the ones pictured above, will typically come with a golf bag and golf club covers for your most delicate clubs.

Golf Shoes
Another important piece of golf equipment you must invest in is a pair of good golf shoes. Golf shoes are not your typical shoes. They are designed to walk on grass, the types where golf is played. Golf shoes have pointed rubber under soles, which helps them grip the earth and grit under your feet, thereby avoiding unnecessary shaking, or moving. A firm grip on the ground allows you to hit the ball in the right direction without shaking. If you intend to play pro-level golf then the importance of investing in a good pair of golf shoes cannot be stressed enough. Choose a strong and sturdy but comfortable pair of shoes that are good for your feet because golf involves much walking – from one hole to another – and if your golf shoes are uncomfortable, you will be finding it hard to concentrate on your game.

The Tee
Every golf course provides you the tee and the golf ball. The tee is a “T” shaped pin that can hold the ball when punched into the ground. The tee is used in ‘teeing off’ or starting your first drive and therefore, the name.

Remember, while many specialty shops offer golf equipment, you can also source good quality golf equipment from the Internet. Read more on the type, brands, and other parameters before buying any golf equipment.

Golf Clubs
This is where any golfer should start. Most beginning golfers purchase a full set of new or used clubs. These sets often include a driver, two or three woods, several irons, a pitching and/or sand wedge and putter. Other clubs can be purchased individually, such as hybrid clubs and specialty wedges.

Golf Balls
There is a wide variety of balls on the market, including those that are designed to aid driving distance and others designed to improve accuracy. For new golfers, purchasing a couple of boxes of golf balls to start is imperative, since that first trip to the links is likely to result in a few lost balls via hooks, slices and water hazards.

Golf Tees
Every hole on a golf course features a tee box. Hence, tees are imperative to playing golf, particularly on par 4s and 5s, where teeing it up with a driver or 3-wood is a common approach to a hole. Tees come in a variety of lengths and materials.

Golf Bag
After a golfer purchases clubs, tees and golf balls, the question of where to keep all of them comes into play. Fortunately, there are plenty of golf bags on the market, ranging from low-cost bags with basic amenities to intricate designs with pockets aplenty. For new golfers, purchasing a new set of clubs with a bag included might be the best practice, as it can often result in savings.

Golf Shoes
While not required on all courses, rubber-cleated golf shoes are beneficial to new and experienced golfers alike. Golf specialty shops and course pro shops carry these shoes, as do most major sporting goods retailers. Make sure to purchase a comfortable shoe, as an ill-fitting shoe can wreak havoc on golfers’ feet during a long round on the course.


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